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GOC Technology is providing different GOC Technology pricing schemes for you. Some GOC Technology pricing will be discussed below:

Basically, GOC Technologies has Three Main Products, One is the GOC Algorithm Second is GOC Genie and the Third is the GOC Course. All have a different range of pricing and different kinds of offers.

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What is the GOC Algorithm?

The GOC Algorithm is one of the best AI-based Algorithm Tools that tell the direction in all market conditions. The first GOC Technology product GOC Algorithms provides the following

The Base amount for this product is ₹ 8999/- for ONE-TIME LICENCE PRICE with (Yearly maintenance charges ₹999/- only)

What the GOC Algorithm gives in this package:

  • Access to Algorithms 1,2 & 3
  • In-depth tutorials

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What is the GOC Genie?

The GOC Genie is the AI base stock scanner analysis in real-time and this is also the GOC Technology Product

The base amount for this product is ₹ 7999/- for ONE YEAR PLAN 

What the GOC Genie gives in this package:

  •  Access to GOC GPT
  •  Premium access to Pullers & Draggers
  •  Premium access to GOC Meter

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What is the GOC Course?

The GOC Course gives the game of Charts Signature course the Traders Journey and this also includes the GOC Technology Product

The base amount for this product is ₹ 8999/- with lifetime access to the Course and no renewal charge at all

What the GOC Course gives in this package:

  •  Access to The Trader’s Journey Course

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Bundle deal of GOC Technology

The bundle deal of GOC Technology is quite wonderful and they give you their three best products GOC AlgorithmGOC Genie, and GOC Courses. The package suits to visualize the market from a 360-degree view and this is a very good thing in this budget.

The base price is ₹ 14999/- with  one-year plan and the Yearly Renewal Charges ₹6,999/- Only

What does the Bundle deal of GOC Technology give in this package

  •  GOC Algorithm 1,2 & 3
  • Pullers/Draggers Premium Version
  •  GOC Meter Premium Version
  •  The Trader’s Journey Course
  •  GOC GPT

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