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The GOC Technology Meter is one of the important offerings of GOC Technology. Today we will discuss complete details about the GOC Technology Meter in this article. The GOC Meter is used to tell the daily condition of the market. The GOC Meter tells what trading is going on in the market. GOC Meter tells the daily analysis of the market with charts analysis and also in percentage. The GOC Meter uses AI algorithms so accurately which helps the traders to do the best and most beneficial trade. and decision makings

A website called GOC Technology has launched GOC Meter which is very helpful for trading. If you are a stock market trader or already your trade is in the process the only thing that comes into your mind is the trend of the market. we have to confirm a trade before purchasing and selling. Whether we have to hold the trade for maximum profit we need to know about the trends.

The most important thing is technical chart analysis. we can find the index and stock direction. but we will not trade only on a chart analysis basis we have to check different sets of data. There is no single-line answer for finding the trend. For the solution to this, we have analyzed a method of Faster Data Analysis that gives live trends in percentage form. This helps us in the decision-making of trade.

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8 Different factors are combined to form GOC Meter

AI is used in the GOC Technology Meter to combine all these 8 data that match historical data and untraded data and this gives weightage to the preferred data by using AI in the form of percentage.

  1. Pullers and draggers
  2. Breakout and break down
  3. Global market sentiment
  4. Put writers
  5. Indian VIX
  6. Open interest
  7. Call writers
  8. Indian sector sentiment

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Fater Data Analysis(finding trends)

Sets of data are included in the form of:

(1)Pullers and draggers

  • Nifty
  • Fin Nifty
  • Bank Nifty


  • Nifty sticks
  • Fin Nifty Stocks
  • Bank Nifty Stock

Pullers and draggers tell us which stocks take the index upward and downwards. Breakdown and break out help us all stocks in the current situation. how many stocks are giving fresh breakouts and breakdowns? Market fast movement always comes after a breakdown or break out. we always trade in the index. GOC Technology Meter is mainly used in the index. If we do an analysis of all stocks constantly and find their breakdown or breakout points then we can find the market trends quickly.

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Indian Sector Sentiment and Global Market Sentiment

We can find data from the following markets to find trends in the market where the global market influences the daily market movement.

  1. There are different Sectors in India but the major portions are Banking, IT, NBFC, FMCG, Metals, Auto, PSU, and Infra.
  2. Global market sentiment includes
  • The index of USA DOW and NASDAQ.
  • DAX is the index of Germany.
  • FTSE is the index of the UK.
  • NIKKEI is the index of Japan.
  • HANG SANG is the index of Hong Kong.

Call Writers and Put Writers

This data helps find the current range of market and important points of support and resistance.

  • Call writers: To find the upper range /rejection point.
  • Put Writers: To find the lower range /support point.

Open Interest and India VIX

  • Open Interest: All index and f&o stocks
  • India WIX: Effect of every 1% move on index every day.

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GOC Technology Meter

.GOC Meter has 2 main parts

  1. One is Pull power and one is bear Power
  2. The color green shows the bull power
  3. The Bear power is of the red color

The GOC Meter is one of the best features of GOC Technologies which tells the daily basis analysis. It shows the percentage with reference images so that you can make your decision fast. In this picture bull power shows 29 percent with the successful image as this percentage goes down, this image will also change, and bear shows a low percentage of sellers. A chart is also shown under this. This combines a total of 100 percent. This percentage is a supporting factor for trade. This close percentage shows a fight between buyers and sellers.

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  1. IF trade is close there are low options for buyers
  2. There is an early opportunity after the breakdown stage.
  3. If the seller percentage is higher than the buyers and the bear power percentage is high then this shows that we have to trade in sellers
  4. If the percentage of pull power is higher than the bear power it means the market is going well, it is a free tool that tells the stocks and we have to focus on buying.

Note: Realtime GOC Meter Trend Chart available till 31-Dec-23 for GOC Technology Meter users so users can take advantage of this wonderful GOC Technologies Tool.

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Working on GOC Technology Meter

GOC Meter tells the daily trends of the market for both buyers and sellers aspects. This element tells you what is the current condition of the market with the help of pullers and draggers and break up and break down. The GOC Technology Meter tells the index and to locate the index we use technical charts analysis present under GOC Technology Meter.

But we can not only use this for our trading we need to use the GOC meter for accurate market trends. GOC Meter tells the different sets of data which makes trading easy using AI. Different tools tell different trades conditions according to their experience. But the GOC Technology Meter tells the index in percentage with the help of pullers and draggers. Most of the trading is done in an index using a GOC meter.

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The GOC Technology meter work very smart and there are different type of data for indexing using advanced AI technology. The analysis of the all data takes a lot of time without a GOC meter. The data type values change according to the market daily. Sometimes one or two are only important sometimes all are important, it differs according to the stock market trends.

For getting good and fast data analysis we use a GOC meter which collects all the data in a single place. It operates on the principle of weightage. Which index data on a high weightage will show the result for better trading? All is done with the help of the GOC Technology meter with artificial intelligence.

The GOC Technology meter provides you with the result in the percentage. There are two types of percentages shown in the GOC Meter one is bull power and one is bear power. The bull power shows the best trending of the market in percentage form in buying and the bear power shows the lowest market trend. Bear power Identifies the seller’s percentage and bull power identifies the buyer’s percentage. Both the percentages are between 100%. This is the combination of both pull and bear in 100%.

There is a chart under this power pull and bear power/GOC meter. Which changes every minute and tells you the treading in the market daily. The GOC Meter gives you the best trending in the stock market. And tell the users and traders how and where to place the trades for maximum profits.

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