GOC Technology Algorithms With Complete Details


GOC Technology Algorithms is an AI-based algorithm that is a tool to analyze to get direction in all market conditions. This tool is very easy to understand for trading. This helps to make all decisions on daily trade efficiently. This will tend to maximize your profits in trade. These algorithms are truly time-efficient and help to find market trends and support.

Algorithms are a very smart technology that helps forecast trading. A firm and steady hard work in this field of technology has led us towards the GOC Algorithms. GOC Algorithms are very helpful to analyze new ways, and trends of trading. GOC also has some courses and trading pricing plans, which help the traders to get more profit from the trade

GOC Technology Algorithms
             GOC Technology Algorithms

Want to See Complete Details About GOC Technology

What are the issues faced by day traders?

There are 4 issues faced by daily traders while trading. These issues are the following.

(1) ENTRY  

Best time to execute a trade with a proper Risk to Reward ratio.


  • How to set a target?
  • What is a minimum target?
  • How to get the maximum target?
  • What is the improvised target?


IF during trade, the movement goes into consolidation, then we have to look at where support and resistance and how much to hold.

  1. Fixed
  2. Variable

(4) EXIT

In the end, we have to look at where to exit trade, so we have to do 3 things.

  1. partial exit
  2. Full exit
  3. Revised SL

Psychology problems due to these 4  Daily Trading Issues

  1. Fear
  2. Greed
  3. Fomo
  4. Emotions
  5. Energy drain
  6. Overthinking
  7. Inconsistency

Solution by GOC Technology Algorithms

Due to these problems, traders faced many issues and used a lot of energy in that. So the solution is GOC algorithms. Two Algorithms have been introduced. These two algorithms work with a combination that solves these 4 problems.


GOC algorithm 1 is used for finding trends with entry and target indication.


GOC algorithm 2 will help to indicate support and resistance which will be variable. Without this algorithm, we make variable resistance and draw a trend line according to market movement. This algorithm automatically finds that trend line.

How GOC Algorithms Works

These algorithms help to find whether there is risky trade or safe trade. They combine give trends, support, and guidance which helps to address our major 4 issues. In chart shows trends in selling and buying. This reduces time and maintains consistency.

One of the best things about this wonderful technology is that you can use the new techniques of trading like Alorightms, GOC Meter, etc.

Daily in the live market use(main points)

  • A candle will start daily with a small gap-up. From there we will start and then play.
  • The speed of the candle will remain in the live market but it shows its function
  • Now we will start our first algorithm on the upper side and our second algorithm on the lower side.
  • Trends of the first algorithm will appear as support and resistance of the second
  • this will show a variable support trend line in the live market and also a trend line of rejection
  • The selling signal will be shown and this will be the target and stock close under the rejection trend line.
  • we have to just execute our trade if the candle goes up, we can see the rejection, this will break support and move towards the target continuously in the live market
  • The red trend line will work as a rejection as it goes up it will move toward the target.

GOC Technology Algorithms Platform and Features

This algorithm works on the platform Trading view. This algorithm is Python-based. This is browser-based and machine resources will not be used. we can access it through Chrome or any browser. This platform has the following features and offerings.

  1. Free live rates
  2. Major global index
  3. CRYPTO and commodities rates.
  4. All updates will be given and notified.
  5. Invites only can access ALGORITHMS
  6. Telegram channel support
  7. Tutorials
  8. script wise setting

How to get GOC Technology Algorithms Access

  • step 1: Go to the official website and pay via debit card
  • step 2: Whatsapp your details on the provided number
  • step 3: You will get a Telegram channel link.
  • step 4: You will get the first tutorial in the telegram channel.
  • step 5: follow the tutorial to get full access to algorithms and learning materials.


It is the best platform for solving the problems of daily traders. These algorithms very efficiently guide the user to find trends in trade. New traders from all across the world have so many queries about the Algorthims for more information traders can read the FAQS. This saves a lot of time and energy for a person and helps him to focus on just market trade and investments. This tool helps the user to maximize their profits with low risks. So everyone who is in this trade field should get the benefit of these GOC algorithms for betterment and efficiency.

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